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Wooden climbing frames, playhouses and swings

Garden = relaxing and having fun for the whole family

A garden for you and your kids: it’s possible! Sharing your garden with your child(ren) doesn’t have to mean that your garden is stacked with outdoor toys. Your children's toys taking control of your garden? Now is the perfect time for one of Jungle Gym’s wooden climbing frames. A solid wooden climbing frame is the best combination of style and endless fun for children. In our wide range of playground equipment there is always a kids climbing frame or wooden playhouse that matches your wishes and your child’s. Because every child wants an own playground, right?

Playing outside safely in the own backyard

Children learn and evolve while playing. That’s why all our products are designed to stimulate fantasy and creativity, and help children to discover the world. And there is no better place to do that than in their own backyard. Not unimportant either: playing outside the house means a clean and tidy house. And spilling a bit of lemonade or cookie crumbs on the grass is no big deal. Sounds perfect! Is your garden in need of a makeover or did you just move into a new house? Let our greatest selection of garden climbing frames and wooden outdoor playsets surprise you. We offer outdoor climbing frames, slides and swings for every type of garden and every budget. This way you’re all set for a fun season of outdoor fun!

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Super healthy

Playing outside is fun and super healthy. Especially after a day of school with lots of listening and concentrating for hours. Research shows that children who actively play outside on a regularly basis perform better in school with writing, calculating, thinking and listening. While playing outside children also learn how to communicate with kids their own age, make mutual agreements and resolute everyday conflicts. Besides being essential for a healthy development of muscle strength, agility and motor skills, playing outside also gives their self-confidence a boost. In addition enough daylight helps with the production of vitamin D, which is good for a healthy immune system, strong bones, healthy teeth and good eyes. And last but not least: by playing they lose their energy in a healthy way and they will sleep like a baby. That makes playing, climbing, crawling, jumping, running, falling and getting up again very important. Not just for now, but also when they’re grown up. Preferably at least two hours a day. So let’s go!

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Find your dream climbing frame or design your own

It doesn’t mind if you’re looking for a small swing set or a massive climbing frame with slide and swing, by choosing Jungle Gym you’ve come to the right place. You will always find a climbing frame that matches your family preferences and budget. To climb, slide, read, have a picnic and manage a small shop. And building lots of sand castles of course. Are you looking for something exclusive? Create and customize your own climbing frame with ‘Design Your Own’. Start with one of the 22 playtowers and playhouses and click through the different modules, like a wooden swing on the left or a picnic table on the right. Just go on until you have created the perfect combination. The total measurements are immediately visible via the top view, so you can check if it fits your garden. As icing on the cake you can choose the colour of the slide. Will you go for red, blue, green, yellow or fuchsia, or will it be the fun fireman’s pole?

Wooden climbing frames of sustainable timber

All Jungle Gym wooden climbing frames are made of strong and environmental-friendly European pine trees. The timber has a very long durability, robust dimensions and originates from sustainable-managed forests (containing the PEFC-label). With these criteria you can be sure that there are always growing more trees than there are being cut at the place of pine’s origin. We, at Jungle Gym, also know that trees are an essential natural resource and we want to secure their perseverance. They generate oxygen, are vitally important to millions of animals and protect our climate.

All wooden parts are carefully selected, inspected, sawn to size, planed and sanded for ergonomic rounded edges. Everything is weather-proof and resistant to dry rot, mold and little creatures. Hence there is no need to paint or stain, but of course you are more than welcome. Timber is a product of nature and every piece is different, therefore it contains unique characteristics and variations in color and structure. This is the beauty of real timber and gives your climbing frame extra character.

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Playground equipment with safe Dutch design

Jungle Gym is a proper brand from Dutch design. For over 25 years we are the specialist in wooden playground equipment, which can be seen in our collection of reliable and innovative products. Our unique en timeless products are designed according to the most modern techniques and thought through down to the smallest detail. Every climbing frame and playhouse is UV-resistant, weatherproof and produced exclusively with robust components, proper materials and high-quality coatings for maximum safety and hold. Perfect ergonomics, comfort and a robustness that guarantees an extensive durability. Are you ready to play outside?

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Safety first

Our large collection is developed to ensure the safety of children and based on the current European health and safety directives (EN-71). Specifically designed for children between the ages 3 and 10 years and intended for the backyard. All our childrens climbing frames are thoroughly tested and CE, GS certificated by an accredited, independent inspection company (DEKRA) to ensure that all our outdoor wooden climbing frames are weatherproof and guarantee years of backyard fun. There are slightly different guidelines for places, like a public playground, camping site or restaurant. Therefore we guide you to our other brand and webshop:

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Also for the little ones

We also think of the little ones, because on ground level every Jungle Gym climbing frame has a playhouse with a little door and window or a sand pit, covered so it offers protection from the sun (more sandpit features above at “Building Sand castles). Both real favourites for the ones that find climbing and sliding a bit too thrilling. All in good time, it will come. The swing you can change easily for an extra baby swing (red/green/yellow/blue) and just keep the normal swing seat until your child is old enough to swing all by itself. Have a look at all our swing accessories.


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