1. 12 Reasons To Get Your Kids a Climbing Frame

    12 Reasons To Get Your Kids a Climbing Frame

    Do you remember? Playhouses, swings, slides... They have a magnetic effect on children. You see babies rocking back and forth with a big smile, toddlers want to slide over and over again and can´t get enough of it and the older kids being creative and think of this contest who is the fastest at the other side of the playground like it´s a big obstacle course.

    Any doubts about purchasing a climbing frame or wooden swing set? We will give you 12 reasons why you should get a climbing frame in your backyard.

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  2. Maintain your Jungle Gym by showing it some love: 8 great tips

    Maintain your Jungle Gym by showing it some love: 8 great tips

    Like the heading is giving away, show your Jungle Gym some love. You´ve got no clue where to begin? A Jungle Gym is very easy to maintain and in this blogpost we will explain to you 8 tips to maintain your own Jungle Gym. That way your kids will have a whole lot of fun for a very long time!

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  3. Modules


    The Jungle Gym modules allow for quick and easy extension of the playground. You can always decide to expand later so the play set can grow as your child grows. The possibilities are endless!

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  4. Inspection and maintenance

    Inspection and maintenance
    To ensure the safety of the users of the play set, the play set has to be subjected to the safety inspections mentioned below once at the beginning of each season and further twice monthly during the usage season. If the maintenance checks are not carried out regularly the activity toy could overturn or otherwise become a hazard.
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  5. Climbing Frames & Playhouses

    Climbing Frames & Playhouses

    With Jungle Gym, you put together a play set that brings outdoor fun for many years. All our play sets are expandable and can be customized with the addition of a wide variety of modules and accessories. There are towers for every taste, available area and budget. You can always decide to expand later so the play set can grow as your child grows. The towers come with fun extras such as a Jungle Flag, Jungle Gym ID and Jungling Cards to invite friends. Also, lots of towers already include fun accessories, for example, the steering wheel, talking tube, climbing rope, picnic-table, fun phone and staroscope.

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  6. Custom design made easy

    Custom design made easy

    The extensive collection of Jungle Gym climbing frames consists of 22 different play towers and playhouses that can be combined with one, two or three of our 12 cool Jungle Gym modules. Go to the category design your own , and easily “mix & match” which setup is best for you and suits your garden. It works like this: on each side we will show you the modules that match there, depending on the play elements and the required safe play area. Most modules fit all towers but there are some exceptions. This Blog explains further how you can easily design your very own Jungle Gym wooden climbing frame, we will take you through it step-by-step and show you our tips & tricks on the way.

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  7. Jungle Gym Tips & Tricks

    Jungle Gym Tips & Tricks

    In this blog we collect tips and tricks for all Jungle Gym owners and for those considering to purchase one. It is a collection of tips from our own experiences and the little hacks we have heard from others. This way we want to create a complete list full of fun and smart ideas to make playing around the climbing frame, swing set or playhouse even more fun and maintenance easier..

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  8. What Climbing Frame Suits My Small Garden?

    What Climbing Frame Suits My Small Garden?

    On a regular basis, Jungle Gym receives emails with questions regarding climbing frames suitable for smal(ler) gardens. Jungle Gym has a wide product range and playtowers come in different sizes. With the modules connected, most playsets require more room and the options are limitless. This is why we wrote this blog about suitable climbing frames and to go into this by showing what play towers and optional modules are suitable for these kind of 'smal(ler)' gardens.

    Smal(ler) garden

    When a garden is exactly categorised as a small is garden, is hard to say. In addition to the dimensions of the frames, shape, landscaping and position are important factors in determining whether and where a climbing frame is placed. In many cases the climbing frame itself does fit in the garden, but it is important that the towers’ required play area is sufficient to guarantee safety. A good example is a swing set. This, in itself, takes up little space (270 x 270 cm), but once it is in use the required area takes quite far (730 x 270 cm). This means that in this particular case a lot of space is required for, in fact, a compact device.

    This blog, in particular, supplies an overview of Jungle Gym’s smallest playground equipment that require the least (play) area as they are actually more compact than the rest. Jungle Gym’s products are GS certified. For safety reasons, this certification requires that on each outer side of the climbing frame an additional space of minimum two meters must be available.

    We’ve made a selection of four compact play towers from Jungle Gym’s wide product range.

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  9. The Important Use of Ground Anchors With Play And Swing Sets

    The Important Use of Ground Anchors With Play And Swing Sets

    Safety is Jungle Gym’s paramount and this is the reason our playground equipment applies to the strictest health and safety standards and are GS certifiedt. Our ground anchors ensure these safe conditions. Next to safety during game play, the wooden playset or In this blog we focus on anchoring play and swing sets with ground anchors. We look at the why of ground anchors, how the ground anchors must be installed, what types of ground anchors are provided and where they should be placed best.

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  10. Are the kids climbing frame and the garden ready for winter?

    Are the kids climbing frame and the garden ready for winter?

    The days are getting colder and darker, leaves are falling from the trees and the rainy clouds gather in the atmosphere. Clear enough, wintertime is upon us. This blog will give you some useful tips to prepare your Jungle Gym and garden for winter..

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