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Design your own dream climbing frame with modular elements

Next to the pre-designed swing sets, hit the Playground Planner to design your own dream kids swing set, climbing frame or outdoor playhouse with modular elements. This way you can tailor your wooden climbing frame exactly to your family and your garden. Some examples are a double or single swing, picnic tables, mini markets, hanging bridges, XL climbing nets, “Bucket” pulley system and the ‘Talking Tube’; a flexible tube with flower-shaped speakers that work like a tin can telephone. Climbing frame accessories like extra swing seats, baby swings, slides, rope ladders, fireman’s poles and telescopes are available as well.

1. Choose a tower

2. Choose a slide

Slide Short (Compatible with: Jungle Tower, Jungle Castle, Jungle Hut, Jungle Club, Jungle Casa, Jungle Home, Jungle House, Jungle Farm)
Slide Long (Compatible with: Jungle Cottage, Jungle Lodge, Jungle Cabin, Jungle Shelter, Jungle Villa, Jungle Chalet, Jungle Cubby, Jungle Fort, Jungle Mansion, Jungle Barn)

3. Choose a module

4. Choose accessories

5. Check your climbing frame

*Please note that these measurements are rounded off.

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